What is Love? A Poem Written by Samantha James

This is a poem I wrote and really hope everyone enjoys reading. It is suppose to be light and pondering. I also wanted to express that love is anything and everything. That is comes in all forms, sizes, shapes, and ways. You just have to look …


What is love you say?

Do not ask me

Does it brighten your day?

Well it could be

What is love you inquire?

Do not ask me

Does it have the chance to inspire?

Well it could be

Can it turn the world on fire ?

Can it cut you down deeply ?

  Can it make you desire ?

Can it be sneaky ?

Well it could be

Love is nothing

Love is something

What is love?

Do not ask me

I am just a fool

Love is not reality

Love has no rule

(please do not forget to comment with your thoughts! )

About thelonelyreaderblog

Hello, my name is Samantha James. The Lonely Reader is a blog centered around my short stories, book reviews, and poetry. We will also post classical literature from some of the most talented writers throughout time. I am a very passionate reader. One of the hardest things for me to describe is why I love books. I rarely know where to begin because I have such a deep love for them. This is where the dilemma happens… there is not one thing or aspect I do not enjoy and love about reading.
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20 Responses to What is Love? A Poem Written by Samantha James

  1. francineb24 says:

    love is two feet
    going three directions
    a brain
    on mute

    (Great poem. it’s hard to write about love

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  2. One of the children’s authors I know writes about love as “the Fuzzy Fella” who leaves tickles in your belly and makes your feet feel like jelly – quite an elusive fellow who could leave you feeling yellow or sometimes, preferably mellow . . .

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  3. Reblogged this on MarethMB and commented:
    I thought this poem, pondering the essence of love, written by Samantha James might be something to ponder about when you’re sipping your favourite Saturday afternoon drink.

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  4. Terry says:

    Very nice, and when you find it you will know.

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  5. Love is the answer to the world healing and enlightenment. This is a perfect poem. Excellent. 🙂

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  6. Hi, Samantha. I think your poem is really the outline for an extended poem. You introduce several thoughts which need to be elaborated upon. Such as you assert “love is nothing” How is it nothing?
    “Love is something” How is it something? “I am just a fool” How are you a fool? Give us concrete examples. And of course “love is not reality” If love is not reality, we are all in big, big trouble, all headed for an Exhistential meltdown, and Nihilism will seize the day. Ouch, that hurts just thinking about it.

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  7. inkdropk says:

    A brilliant poem Miss James. If you fancy another read – you could check out my attempt (Ha!) at a romantic short story here https://inkdropblog.wordpress.com/kisses-from-a-friend/ OR A Romantic – type poem “Missing You” here https://inkdropblog.wordpress.com/2015/10/24/missing-you/

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  8. Love has no rule. True. But love is not reality?

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  9. Love is the only thing that can travel the stars! So glad you found me on twitter. Will happily be following along here gordonmcwhorter.blogspot.com


  10. sjk says:

    What is love? – the eternal question. Do you know Blake’s poem, The clod and the pebble? Your poem made me think of it.

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  11. Col Easton says:

    In a nutshell :- Love, is adoration.

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